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David Chasse of North Liberty and The Birthday Company Making Key Customer Reminders Easier

Small business owners always try to build a lasting bond with their customers. And these business owners still run into one major problem.

The problem is how finding a way to build a strong link with their customers.

Because companies don’t always express their genuine gratitude for customers, The Birthday Company keeps track of important dates.

David Chasse from North Liberty started The Birthday Company on this statement. He wanted to be able to bridge the gap between small businesses and their customers, letting owners show their thanks. And for them to achieve this without spending countless hours with reminders and writing out notes.

Chasse is proud of his long list of clients that use his services to their advantage. He continues to make impressive creative decisions to make his company appealing enough to gain new clients. Due to this fact, it also keeps his business growing.

That is why David Chasse has added three new greeting card designs, as well as 10 corporate greeting card designs. This gives his clients more choices when choosing the right card model to send to their customers.

Focusing on Christmas, Chasse added a set of holiday mugs and a Christmas tree ornament. Not only does The Birthday Company offer cards, but also novelty items to send.

The main reason why companies use Chasse’s services is that they build trust. Trust is vital to a relationship between a business and its customers without worrying too much about gaining new clients.

New customers cost 10 times more than new customers. The Birthday Company stores customers’ data which helps with retention.

As a result, it adds the personal touch that many big businesses do not add to their customer service. This helps small business keep their clients from going to more familiar big companies.

David Chasse and The Birthday Company puts great detail into each order. Mainly, it keeps an organized database of names, addresses and signatures for each gift.

This removes the headache of owners having to find out which customers have a crucial date in the future. Each time is an opportunity for a company to show their gratitude.

Therefore, to make the process more genuine, The Birthday Company offers high-quality printing for each signature. This makes the gift more personal.

Adding to this effect, the return address on the boxes of each gift is the client of The Birthday Company.

The Birthday Company is a service that small business owners should use. The service is for everyone with both small and large budgets. Companies can choose gifts starting from $2.95 up to $56.95.

The process of starting your order and relationship with The Birthday Company is simple. They are many free options that The Birthday Company offers. They include free data entry service, list uploads and free high-resolution signatures.

In addition, there is also a free Birthday Reminder feature. A company can receive an email one day before a client’s birthday.

If you want to find out more about The Birthday Company, visit www.birthdayco.com. Interested customers can view a video tutorial.

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David Chasse of Coralville, Iowa, Helps His Clients Show Gratitude Through the Birthday Company

David Chasse, David Chasse Coralville, David Chasse Iowa

David Chasse, a veteran, founded The Birthday Company in 2006 in Coralville, Iowa after realizing how important it was for people to feel appreciated. What can make someone feel important if not a card or a small gift?

The founder also saw an opportunity in the corporate world, where it is harder to show your appreciation to your clients while remembering them on their birthdays.

Chasse found out early on how important networking and retaining clients is in the business world, and what better way to both save time and show appreciation than an automated birthday card mailing service like the Birthday Company?

In the corporate world, time does mean money. Most entrepreneurs already have their schedule filled with meetings and work. As a result, it’s impossible for someone who is that busy to have the time to send birthday gifts to 20 of his business clients each year and write an insightful card along with it too.

David Chasse understood that there must be a better way than this, and the Birthday Company was born in Iowa. It serves as a way to help busy people show appreciation to others in the corporate world.

The Birthday company offers a few special services that make gifts and cards stand out, not to mention that the service is fully automated.

There are no contracts and no hidden fees, and on The Birthday Company website, you can simply add the names and of those who you would like to receive your birthday cards and gifts.

You also have the option of sending different gifts every year with a personalized card that has your signature on it.

On top of this, the founder made sure that each detail of the gifts make it look like the client sent the package or the card. Your return addresses are printed on the envelopes and your digitized signature is printed on the inside of the cards, giving the recipient the impression you mailed and signed the card yourself. Plus, the service is great for any customer appreciation budget, with birthday cards and gifts ranging from $2.95 to $55.95.

There is also no minimum number of clients that you need to add on your list. The founder did not forget that he owned a small business too.

The owner of the Birthday Company not only helps other business owners share their gratitude through gifts and cards, but he also contributes to the growth of the local economy.

David Chase is a veteran proud of his country. This is why all of the gifts that he purchases are made in the United States.

His clients have plenty to choose from. You can order mugs, wine glasses, a large selection of chocolate, and even CDs. Also, business owners who use The Birthday Company don’t have to worry about sending the same gift twice.

On the website, many satisfied clients share their positive experience with David Chasse’s company.

In a fast-paced world, it is hard for us to remember all important dates and make sure we mail the gifts each time on time. The Birthday Company solves this problem.

Showing gratitude and customer appreciation builds business relationships and strengthens bonds with clientele. Best of all, it is now easier than ever to put a smile on somebody’s face with The Birthday Company.

David Chasse is confident that many people will benefit from his services, simply because we live in such a fast-paced world that we do not always have the time to do everything ourselves, but showing that we care remains equally important.

Delicious chocolates, funny mugs, or personalized cards with a signature can mean a lot when sent at the right time. The Birthday Company makes sure their clients can show gratitude at the right time.

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