David Chasse North Liberty:

A Man Who loves Birthdays

David Chasse North Liberty

If there is one thing you can say about David Chasse North Liberty, it is that he is a man who has a true appreciation of the wonder that is celebrating someone’s birthday.

Ever since he was a kid, David has always cherished his birthday. To him, there was nothing like waking up on the day of his birth, seeing all of his friends and family ready to celebrate, getting the chance to eat that delicious cake, and open up those gorgeous presents.

It is a feeling that everyone should have the privilege to feel.

Parlaying Birthday’s Into A Career

David Chasse North Liberty

After David Chasse North Liberty graduated from high school, he was unsure what he wanted to do with this life so he joined the armed forces. It was there that he learned about a love for country while also learning valuable lessons about teamwork and dedication to a job well done.

These are skills that he would not soon forget.

Instead, he decided that he wanted to use his new skills to start a business that would truly change people’s lives, and out of that, The Birthday Company was formed.

How The Birthday Company Works

David Chasse North LibertyWhile just about anyone can use The Birthday Company, the real reason for its existence¬†is for people to be able to better their relationships with business contacts by being able to send a card or a gift on that person’s birthday.

At The Birthday Company, there is a wide range of cards and gifts that can be given out for birthdays and just about any other occasion. There is nothing like seeing the look on someone’s face after they get a birthday card from someone that they never expected.

It is truly a wonderful feeling and David Chasse North Liberty works to continue that feeling.